Proactiv Solution Deluxe System

Proactiv Acne Review

Whether you have bad acne, or none at all, you know that it isn’t attractive at all when you see others with it. Not only is it unappealing, but it is also unhealthy for anyone’s skin. Either way, there are many products and treatment systems out there that are specifically designed to treat and prevent acne. If you have watched television at all within the past few years, then I am almost certain that you have seen the commercials for Proactiv. It is the most advertised acne solution in existence and has been for years, not only is it on the Internet, but it is all over the TV.

However, the old Proactiv is nothing like the new Proactiv Solution. The old method was definitely effective, but since other products have been advancing in efficiency, they had to upgrade their system as well to ensure their spot at the top of acne treatments. You must be wondering how the new system works and what it consists of. Well, there are only 3 steps in the process, making in a bit simpler than the original Proactiv system. The steps are Renew, Revitalize, and Repair in that order.

This kit includes:

4 oz Cleanser

4 oz Toner

2 oz Lotion

2.5 oz Mask

  • The new exclusively designed Renewing Cleanser is formulated with micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, which it able to easily penetrate the skin better than prior products. Also, it exfoliates the skin while it is cleansing it, it typically prepares the skin for the other two products.
  • The Revitalizing Toner is used after cleansing and exfoliating—it gets rid of all impurities of the skin, including excess oil. Your skin feels refreshed, it is also evenly and gently toned to the perfect balance.
  • The final product is the Repairing Treatment, which is designed to seep deeper into your clogged pores to unclog them in a faster, and yet safer manner. It includes no oil in the product and is completely safe for all parts of the facial area.


  • Works very quickly
  • 30 day money back
  • Benozyl peroxide based cleanser
  • Very popular (As seen On TV)
  • Endorsed by celebrities (Justin bieber,Katy price,celena jaitely)


  • Not a permanent solution.Acne returns when stopped
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Cause further outbursts on sensitive skin
  • Unable to Makeup if proactiv is used

Directions To Use

  • Renewing Cleanser – Apply the cleanser to the face and gently rub it in a circular motion for 2 minutes and wash it off with warm water and pat dry.
  • The Revitalizing Toner – After cleansing use the toner.Apply appropriate amount of the toner over the affected areas and let it dry for 2 minutes.Wash it off with cool water.
  • The repairing lotion – Apply gently over the affected and let it dry dont wash it off immediately

Follow this process twice a day.

The Verdict

So basically, if you have had relative success with Proactiv in the past, then I’m sure you have faith in their new system as well. However, if you have never tried it simply because you never trusted it to work, you need to think about it and look at the big picture. If Proactiv didn’t work, then they would have gone out of business years ago. That means that for thousands of different people, Proactiv has cleared up and prevented acne over the years.

But inn recent years there are better products in the market than Proactiv which might not have the celebrity endorsements or the media endorsements that Proactiv has but works better and at a cheaper price.Look at the our Top 10 list to know what are the products that customers rank higher than proactiv

Where To Buy

You can buy praoctive either on their official site or  buy 2 month supply costs $46.95 and the best place to buy proactiv must be from get all the advantages associated with when you buy proactiv through their site.

Proactiv Solution 4-pc. Acne Treatment System


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